• To improve the quality of teaching of Design & Technology at all Key stages.
  • To work with teachers in planning and teaching in the classroom.
  • To raise awareness of the cross curricular links with Design & Technology.
  • To work with Heads of Departments and Curriculum Leaders to plan and organise an exciting, challenging curriculum.
  • To provide INSET training for primary school teachers to help them integrate Design & Technology into the wider curriculum and build cross curricular links.
  • To use Design & Technology to raise standards across the school.
    To provide in class support for primary teachers to familiarise them with the methodology of the subject.
  • To provide professional support through the National Association of Advisers and Inspectors in Design and Technology (NAAIDT) and the Design and Technology Association (DaTA).
  • To provide teachers with a ‘help line’ for advice and support.